V7 Weapon Systems

V7 Weapons Systems is at it again, Ounces equal pounds and Pounds equal pain. they make the lightest, toughest AR parts we have reviewed so far. More »

Hiperfire Triggers

Lightweight, Easy Triggers. Makes remote brain surgery a breeze More »

Bug out kit

Jack lets you in on his kit. More »


Hiperfire Hipertouch 243 G

The Hipertouch 243 G is another amazing innovation from Hiperfire a US company based out of Minnesota , the 243 G is a trigger based on the 24C design that we reviewed previously here



Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor, I am a Doc. consult with your medical care provider for any issues you may have. The following is for informational purposes only and does not constitute my giving medical advice.

Those of us who like to hike or camp or do outdoor activates in the woods or tall grass are at risk for tick bites. Most of the time these bites are harmless and may or may not cause a small amount of pain

Limit your digital footprint

From the moment you leave your house you are tracked, somebody somewhere is watching you.

That is not a paranoid tidbit written by some tinfoil hat wearing shut in although I wish it was. Unfortunately in today’s world somebody is watching and tracking your every movement, be it a Government employee, a corporation, a Law Enforcement agency or an automated computer system that harvests data about your actions and compiles them into reports to be sold in bulk to the highest bidder so you can be served targeted advertisements or in the case of the shadier side of the business, your information can be sold to leverage attacks against you like identity theft and stalking.

Hiperfire Triggers

Ask any competition shooter what the key upgrades for accuracy are and undoubtedly you will receive the answer: quality handload, trigger and barrel in some order or another. Personally my belief is that the most noticeable difference received from any firearm upgrade comes from a consistent, quality trigger. The trigger market is very competitive, offering many very good options. Personally at this point I have tried the majority. One resounding theme I have found to hold true is that you get what you pay for, and if you want a trigger worth owning expect to pay a minimum of $175.

How not to be a Heat Casualty

As we warm up from our deep freeze this winter and the weather gets warmer it is important that when doing outdoor activity like shooting, hiking, camping or what have you that you are vigilant in checking yourself and whoever you are with for signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion. If left unchecked you can develop heat stroke which is a life threatening condition.

Recognizing Danger

Recognizing Danger

Being able to recognize body language associated with imminent violent action can better your chances of coming out on top during a potentially bad situation.

More V7 Goodness!


Speed kills, and the shorter the movement needed the faster it can be performed. The all new short throw ambi selector switch by V7 weapon systems embraces this mantra. Designed to be compatible with both the AR15 and AR10 platforms this piece of gear is one that I am officially in love with.

Tea Candle Heater

Survival 101: Tea candle heater

So I got bored and headed over to a friends to play around with a survival heater, here is what you will need: 

Combat Mindset

Combat mindset


As we go through our day to day lives, some people seem to have better luck than others. We all know the guy that has been beat up at the bar a few times, or mugged. We also all know the guy that it seems nothing bad ever happens around. Although there is an element of luck involved the truth is that one most likely spends a large amount of time in a white mindset, while the other probably regularly alternates between yellow and orange. Below is a breakdown of the stages of combat mindset and how to notice which one you are in.

High Output Solar Still

Survival 101: High output solar still

 -1 trash bag

-6 ft of 550 Cord

-large bucket

-small bucket


-vacuum line